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This is the list of Parishioners according with the Family Sensus in 2015.

Baroochi Rio Seth

Baroochi Shereen

Barret Victor Viljoen

Benjamin Candice

Bennet Ann Elizabeth

Cader Louis

Cader Shirley

Candice Benjamin

Chateau Belinda

Chateau Giselle Oriel

Chateau Lauren

Chateau Waylow Mark

Chendriah Luke

Chendriah Michael

Chendrich Natasha Melissa

Chima Ogochi

Chima Oscar

Chima Zanele

Clarivette Clive

Clarivette Mary

Cockman Erwin

Cooper Bradley

Cooper Courtney

Cooper Madison

Cooper Tessa

Firmin Alwyn

Firmin Dawn

Firmin Dayne

Firmin Kyle

Firmin Kyle

Firmin Neville

Firmin Regan Neville

Firmin Rynell

Francis Adelisa Annemarie

Francis Cedric

Francis Chantal Marie

Francis Jerome

Francis Sandhisha

Francis Sharon

Francis Yvonne Sylvia

Govindan Naclire Tricia

Gordeen Erwin

Gordeen Jada

Gordeen Jude

Gunkel Brendon Derek

Gunkel Delre

Gunkel Dustin

Gunkel Natasha Melony

Harvey Celeste

Holby Chloe

Holby Cleo

Holby Kurt Elton

Holby René

Jasson Jaden Carter

Jasson Ramon Bradley

Jasson Sherette Leight

Katiza Tinashe Fernando

Lazarus Annereine Candice

Lazarus Colin Xavier

Lazarus Geetha

LeCordier Sharlene

Magariro Lilosa

Mariah Charmaine

Mariah Thumba

Marillier Garth

Markham Michael Daniel

Markham Mikhaela Maria

Meth Jose/Francis

Moollen Craig Dion

Moollen Laiken Chloé

Moollen Liam Matthew

Moollen Luke Aaron

Moollen Petula Almery (Tappy)

Mtshtshe Sindisiwe

Mtsitshe Elizabeth

Mtsitshe Sindisiwe

Munetsi Juliet

Munetsi Kenny

Murugan Alicia Anne

Murugan Andrew

Murugan Anneliene

Murugan Cameron Domonique

Murugan Cecile Aurelia

Murugna Chanler Andrew

Murugan Dolly

Murugan Kelly Cecile

Murugan Xavier Tony

Naidoo Arlene

Naidoo Marcel Reagan

Naidoo Marshay Bronwen

Naidoo Michael

Naidoo Sharlin

Naidu Carlton (Reagan)

Naidu Chloe Tiana

Naidu Keno Reece

Naidu Kyle Tatum

Naidu Lorna Cecilia

Naidu Lorraine Monica

Naidu Marlo Brintin

Naidu Michaela Nikita

Naidu Nicolette (Nickey)

Naidu Samson

Naidu Tameeka

Naidu Taziyn

Parson Margaret

Parsons Nicole

Parsons Ellen Minetta

Parsons Elton

Parsons Kiara

Peters Ellen Pearly

Peters Ronwyn Gerard

Petersen Elouise

Petersen Mark

Petersen Elouise

Petersen Terayne M

Petersen Tyla Kelly

Premdutt Dale Myron

Premdutt Jade Chanice

Premdutt Joan

Premdutt Malcolm

Pretorius Caitlin

Pretorius Caryn

Pretorius Christopher

Pretorius Courtney

Pretorius Sonya

Rahman Caitlin

Rahman Cowen

Rahman Fabian

Rahman Ian Grant

Rahman Kiara Ashley

Rahman Luke Ashley

Rahman Magesvery (Maggi)

Rahman Melissa

Rahman Mikayla Ashley

Rahman Neil Ashley

Rahman Warren

Reddy Brooklyn

Reddy Daniel

Reddy Rovaine

Reddy Samantha

Reddy Sandra

Reddy Teecian

Reddy Tina

Rehman Cavin Mark

Rehman Charmaine Diana

Rehman Darryl Stephen

Rehman Joseph

Rehman June

Rehman Liam Kal

Rehman Quinton Jeremy

Rehman Quinton Jeremy (Jnr)

Rehman Tressie Leona

Robinson Jaden

Robinson Treovor

Robinson Wendalynn

Schonknecht Jazmine Rebecca

Scott Darryn

Shedrick Conley Gerard

Shedrick Lucille

Shedrick Robert

Shedrick Rylan Jude

Singh Adrian

Singh Christopher

Singh David luke

Singh Michelle Mallory

Singh Reese Emmanuel.

Singh Riley

Singh Roweena Abigail

Singh Tagen

Singh Tammy

Smith Dyllan

Smith Gerard

Smith Keane

Smith Nannette Marie

Smith Renee

Spann Clinton Michell

Webster Rayleen Shelley

Wheatley Coral-Anne

Wheatley Mary Theresa

Wilton Nicolette

Wilton Tanith

Wilton Tegan

Wilton Tyler

Wilton Lylle

Zietsman Sandra

Zietsman Tammy


We would like to appeal if any Parishioner would like to motivate the youth of the Parish and take responsibility of it.  Please contac the Chairperson of the PPC or Fr. Herman.



This vibrant parish was named after King Lois XVI of France.  His mother impressed upon him from an early age the desire for serving the people especially the poor.  He made justice acceptable to all.  This is all still very much alive with the community of Clairwood.


In the second half of the 19th. Century many indian families established themselves in the area today know as Clairwood.  At about the same period, Mauritian "Creoles" families also settled in the area bringing with them cultural traditions and their Catholic faith.

In 1884, Bishop Jolivet bought land for a mission for the "Creoles" at Clairmont, later to be divided into Clirwood and Montclair.  In 1885 a school chapel was opened and a large building was erected in the middle of 1886 for the Indian and Coloured pupils who attended St. Louis Church.  This chaple was situated in the corner of Jacobs and South Coast roads where the filling station now stands.

In the earlier days, Clairwood and the adjacent areas were served by priests from the Bluff, but from 1912, St. Louis replaced the Bluff as the centre to reach out to places further south:  Lomontville, Montclair-woodlands, Wentworth, and Merebank.

In 1492, Father Weist and the parishioners built the present church as the other was not suitable.  In the late 90's and even today we often hear older parishioners speak very fondly of how they carried bricks and helped in some way to build the Church.  Once the new church was build, the old was used for clesses, fundraising dances, parties, etc.  Many of the young people enjoyedthemselves at the Sunday afternoon sessions to which people from all over Durban came.

In its hey days St. Louis had parishioners of many cultures and languages with 3 or 4 masses on weekends, with a well attended Mass in Zulu for people of Clearwood, Wentworth and the hostels within the parish.

From 1963 there was a steady decline in the Parish.  Two reasons for this were:  The growth in the church, eg: establishing of Merebank (1966) and prior to these, Lamontville and Woodlands - Montclair.  The second and major reason was the prospectof Clirwood becoming industrial area, thus destroying the community and scattering parishioners to the cormers of Durban.  This also put paid to any development that had been planned such as much needed hall.

Despite all of this, the community of Clairwood rallied together and St. Louis continued as a place where young people of all persuasions came together on a Friday night for youth gathering and to watch movies shown by Fr. Macmanus.  Almost 40 years later it is still heard among the now 40-50 years olds "remember how we went to the dam for that picnic". Loganathan Moodley, a Hindu speaks with fondness of his experiences at St. Louis with his friends.

The annual St. Louis fete around the feast of St. Louis on the 25 of August brings many people back to their haunt to meet up with friends.  The present community of Clairwood are also to be fond assisting on that day and joining in the fun.  This community spirit is also evident another fundraising efforts such as dances.

Members of the Parish who still reside in the area, play an active role in life of Cliarwood such as the ratepayers group, women's group, senior citizens, etc.

One of the ways that the parish continues to interact with the community of clairwood, is via the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which is a group of men a women from the Parish who obtain cash donations and raise funds to assist the needy in the area irrespective of their religion affiliation.  This group has been operating for over 50 years.  In the past 5 yearsone of the projects was a feeding scheme once a month ot the different informal settlements in Clairwood and also for any poor and needy family.

In Conclusion, it is to be noted that while many of the Families of the Parish have moved out of Clairwood area, they still travel to Mass and functions at the church every week.  This strong willed parish community hold their church very dear as it is a family church and has a family history.  Whenever there is a sense of uncertainly, it is clearly and loudly spoken against by anyone.

As a parish community we hope to continue to be part of the Clairwood community.

R. Baroochi

(From 1860 Legacy Foundation Clairwood 1860 - 2010 booklet)



14 AUGUST 2011


21 AUGUST 2011




25 SEPTEMBER 2011 


2 OCTOBER 2011


9 OCTOBER 2011


16 OCTOBER 2011


23 OCTOBER 2011


30 OCTOBER 2011


13 NOVEMBER 2011


20 NOVEMBER 2011


27 NOVEMBER 2011




11 DECEMBER 2011


18 DECEMBER 2011




5th Sunday cycle B - 5th February 2012


1st Sunday of Lent - 26th February 2012


2nd Sunday of Lent - 4th March 2012


3rd Sunday of Easter - 22 April 2012


4th Sunday of Easter - 29 April 2012


12th Sunday - 24 June 2012


15 Sunday - 15 July 2012


16th Sunday - 22 July 2012









CO-ORDINATOR                                -  Melissa Rahman

ASSISTANT CO-ORDINATOR           -   Tappy Moollen

PRE-SCHOOL                                     -   Laiken Moolen / Melissa Rahman

PRE- FIRST HOLY COMMUNION      -   Kim Lyson / Courtney Rehman

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION                -   Michelle Singh / Tina Reddy

POST FIRST HOLY COMMUNION     -   Tappy Moolen / June Rehman

PRE-CONFIRMATION                        -    Caitlin Pretorius / Loshini Singh

CONFIRMATION                                 -   Tressie Rehman / Darryl Rehman





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