*  FETE 2023: The Parish Priest, Fr Herman Giraldo, together with the fund raising committe and fete committee, woul like to thank all those who suported us diring our 40 years celebration of fete. It has been a great success thank you to the work of the different committies that work hard preparing it and especially to your your presence.  We hope and pray that next year you will be with us again.  Thank you.

* Cathechism after Mass.  Parents please send children to catechims immediately after Mass, we count on your    support.

* Proclaimers (Readers) to be at Mass at least 10 - 15 minutes before the Mass begins, especially those reading.  Special liturgies are planned so preparation is necesary.

* Should you require the Church to be open at any time, contact details are in the notice board.

* Should you required any notice to be added to our Website, please contact Father Herman.