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*  Minimum age is 16 years old.  Anyone well over age limit must attend RCIA classes, but be confirm with confirmation candidates.

*  Compulsory two years programme - 90% attendance necessary for Confirmation.

*  Candidates must have attended pre-confirmation class.

*  Candidates must have attend at least two retreats, one in year 1 and the other in the next year coordinated by the teacher.

*  A session with the Priest or his nominee at least two months before Confirmation.

*  Interview with candidates by Priest in both 1st. and 2nd. year.

*  Commitment from candidates and parents to be completed at the beginning of the 2nd. year programme.

*  Candidates to commit to at least one stewardship activity during two year programme.

*  Liturgy for day of Confirmation to be prepared by candidates, teacher and liturgy tea, three months before the day of Confirmation.

*  Three rehersals one month before with parents , candidates, teacher and liturgy team.

*  Mass leaflet and other requirements for the celebration to be prepared by Catechims team.

*  Parents, sponsors and candidates to be at Mass on th day of Confirmation at least 30 minutes before Mass start.

*  Only registered Parishioners of St. Louis will be confirm.

*  Confirmation Classes to continue until the end of the year.

*  No photographer in the Sanctuary.