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*  Counsult with the Parish Priest who will infirm the sacristan and liturgy team at least three months before.



*  Couple to organize their own flower arranger.

*  No flowers on the altar.  Flowers in sanctuary should not disturb movement in the ceremony.

*  Flowers may be placed in the body of the Church, but not clutter aisle to impede movement.

*  Coloured drapes, flower stands or any other object, leaflets used in the service to be remove immediately after the service.

*  No flowers of confetti to be strewn or throne in the church or at the entrance.



*  Only official photographer who needs to negotiate with Priest beforehand.



*  Arrange for own choir or singer to lead singing.

*  If there is not musician, this needs to be negotiated with liturgy coordinator at least two weeks before wedding.


Eucharistic Celebration:

*  Couple to meet with liturgy coordinator at least two weeks before the wedding to plan the celebration with regard to the format, readings, hymns, use of church material.


Altar Servers / Ministers  / Ushers:

*  Couple to organize people involved in these ministries from within the Parish.



*  For people from outside of the Parish, a stipend for Priest and use of the Church to be organized.