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*  Contact the Priest, who will inform the teacher.  (Form to be completed before classes start)

*  4 weeks of classes with both parents and godparents (if possible).  Classes have to be completed.

*  Liturgy coordinator to be informed by priest before the actual baptism so that it can be included in the liturgy.

*  A week before the baptism, parents and godparents to have short rehersal so that the ritual is understood.

*  Baptims to take place during the Sunday Liturgy.

*  Stipend to be given to the Priest on day of Baptism.

*  Parents to prepare at least one prayer of intercession and hand it over to liturgy coordinator before Mass.

*  Parents and godparents to be at Mass 30 minutes before Mass start for preparation.

*  Symbol needed for baptism will be inform by baptism coordinator

*  Baptism Certificate to be given to parents by Priest on day of Baptism.

*  In order for this sacrament to be conferred in the parish, parents need to be registered members of the parish.

*  During baptism ceremony, no photographer allowed in the Sanctuary.