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*  This is a two year preparation with first confession and the first year.  Children should have attended pre-communion classes.

*  Attendance at classes is compulsory.

* Children who come from another Parish will only be allowed in the beginning of the two year programme.  A letter from the former Parish Priest must be given to the Preist of St. Louis before the child can start the programme.

*  A session by Priest of his nominee will be done with parents at least two months before First Holy Communion.

*  Catechism coordinator to inform Liturgy coordinator of the date for First Holy Communion at the beginning of the year so that it can be placed on the year planner.

*  Commitment form to be completed by parents at the beginning of the second year programme.

*  At least 3 rehearsals to be held with First Communicants, parents, teachers and liturgy team.

*  Readings, intercessions to be prepared by teacher/coordinator and done by communicants.  These need to be rehearsed.

*  Mass leaflet to be prepared by Catechism team.

*  Parents and communicants to be at Mass on the Sunday of First Communion at least 30 minutes early.

*  Dress code and requirements to be negotiated by Parish Priest and Catechism team.

*  Only registered parishioners will receive this sacrament.

*  Classes to continue till the end of the year before moving to next level.

*  No photographer in the Sanctuary.